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    Tower Threads is excited to announce our partnership with StoryForge Productions, a L.A. based company dedicated to the art of storytelling, the creative process, and providing resources to creative individuals. We will be working with StoryForge in the days to come to offer new opportunities to artists and further build an expanding resource base to support the independent creative community. Please take a moment to check out StoryForge's information below and visit their website for more information:


    At StoryForge, our mission is simple. We want to tell the best stories we possibly can and equip others to do the same.   Everyone tells stories differently: some of us are writers, some are artists, some are filmmakers, game makers, musicians…but we are all storytellers and we all have something to share. Since we are all still learning to be the best artists, writers, etc. that we can be, we created StoryForge to be a place where storytellers of every type can come be inspired and gain knowledge and experience that will help them become the best at their craft.


    Our Resources

    All artists need to market themselves. If you want to succeed as an individual and a freelancer, you need to create your own personal brand. You’re familiar with Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Nike—as soon as you hear each name, your mind conjures an image, feeling, taste, or smell. If you follow their lead, you can leave a mark just as big.

    This crash course will take you through the basics of personal branding from crafting your image to building your website to distilling your voice on social media.

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    Inspiration doesn't come from an elusive muse. Rather it takes intimately understanding your creative process, discipline and practice. In FireStarters, we explore how your experiences and worldviews crafted your creativity, how to harness your unique process, and how to grow by immersing yourself in creative community.

    Learn More Here.


    Becoming a successful storyteller is like perfecting an art. You must learn theory, apply it, mis-apply it, and practice into the early hours of the morning. At StoryForge, we’ll guide you though the technical aspects of editing to the social networking required to break out.

    Here are just some of the topics you can find:

    Transmedia Storytelling - At its heart, transmedia storytelling is a deeply social art that creates communities through stories—and stories through communities. We look at how you can use transmedia tricks to create a coherent, scalable, immersive experience for your audience.

    Role-Playing Games – If you think RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons is just for uber-nerds, think again. RPGs focus on collaborative storytelling and are excellent practice for storytellers of any kind.

    Filmmaking – Film is a unique medium, more like crafted time than moving pictures. This ultimate collaborative effort requires a deep understanding of the medium itself and the various art forms (think acting, screenwriting, directing…) that go into it.

    The Editing Process – Editing your own work can be brutal, we’ll give you some tips and advice to make clear the mysteries of editing.

    Month-a-zaki – Every February, StoryForge dives in to look at the work of the storytelling master Hayao Miyazaki.