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    Hey everyone, my name is Joshua Tukes, and I'm an artist and web-cartoonist. I've always had a passion for the arts, animation, comic book superheroes, the Bible, and the art of storytelling. Growing up I've had a desire to be an animator and or comic artist, however I also have always had my own stories and characters developing in me, and I truly desire to bring them to life throughout my years of life. The latest education I've had was Moreno Valley Community College where I got an Associates Degree in Game Art Development in 2011. My artistic styles vary from traditional art, such as acrylic painting, digital, and sequential/comic art.

    Currently I have my own ongoing superhero webcomic that can be seen at www.thefusioncomic.com, teach art classes for the youth and adults for the city of Moreno Valley, and Michael's Arts and Crafts store, in the process of building an online art store, and a few other things. In the past I have created airbrushed t-shirts, designed art cards for Marvel and Upper Deck, and help develop a film production team with my brothers under the name of Tukes Films, which includes a vast amount of short films and skits ranging from action and comedy, which can be seen on Youtube.com/TukesFilms

    The future aspirations I have are to make a living with my art, complete the entire story of The Fusion as a webcomic series with printed books, create more stories and characters as comics, build a comic publishing and media arts company, help others create and publish there stories as comics, and ultimately give life to some of my comic characters as an animated series or film. 

    The ultimate purpose behind my fictional characters is to create stories that present positive life lessons and morals, while still having an engaging story for people to enjoy and get lost in new worlds.

    Click here to check out Joshua's portfolio.