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    Howdy moon people of the Internet, welcome to my short winded self-centered biography. Hopefully it will inspire you to be creative, be open minded, and most importantly buy some of my shirts!

    Since B-Day and the storming of my mother's hospital bed I've been obsessed with drawing and dancing to the beat of my own obnoxious little drum. I buried my tiny wooly head in everything creative and colorful from video games and cartoons to Sunday comics and horror films. I would say Super Mario was my first hero of creativity and the starting of my love for all cartoon shenanigans. But I ate up everything that was Ren & Stimpy and from that a thirst was put in me that was unquenchable for doodling on every single piece of paper that would enter my hairless little hands' ravenous grasp. I would tape old homework assignments on my TV and freeze frame prerecorded episodes and trace them with the same loving diligence of a Monk working on a mandala. But my voracious appetite couldn’t only be fed cartoons! I would later discover the wholesome cheery world of Spawn comics. Even though the convoluted dialogue in Spawn bored me to crocodile tears I would wipe my bleary eyes and inject entire blood soaked pages of super violence and demonology straight into my veins and out my fingertips. From there it was nothing but Godzilla movies and Dragon Ball to help finish carving the final notches into my developing mind. At the end of high school I decided to make art my career and video games would be that outlet.

    I enrolled in The Art Institute of California- San Francisco, majoring in Game Art and Design. While patrolling the nerd addled hallways of the Market street campus I found myself gravitating towards other forms of creativity like wordy poetry, fine art, and tasty, tasty digital design, yum! I started working with Photoshop to paint textures onto 3D models and color my scanned pieces of artwork. I would spend the next four years honing my skills for digital painting, it wasn’t just about getting my work done it was a full blown case of a new found hobby! Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to put my new found skills to work, I would graduate right at the scaly head of the Recession. Finding no luck in the shark waters of video game employment, my new found skills would just end up being that, a hobby, to keep me busy for the next four years. I ended up finding work as a substitute teacher’s aid. Not very creative but immensely fulfilling.

    My future for bleeding my creativity is still cutting a path in the thick brush that shrouds most beginners' careers. But in a perfect world I would be getting paid to do what I love and that's art. That's character design. That's story concepts. That's digital design, yum! Whether as a freelance artist doing mercenary work where ever I go or even owing my own media company illustrating for children's books. Even though I push the cartoon style pretty darn hard I don't shy away from the more serious and stoney-faced styles either! I hope I can snag your interest in my designs and further help spread the message of creativity here on Tower Threads. Live long and prosper, moon people of the Internet!

    Click here to check out Jose's portfolio.