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    My name is Jared Rank. I am a freelance artist based in Washington state. I began drawing because of a love for comics. When I initially started learning to draw my goal was to become a sequential artist for Marvel comics. While That is still a goal of mine, my horizons have broadened a bit.

    I just have a love for art in general. I think that's why I never stick with one style. I often go through periods where I draw nothing but sequential art, or vector images, or portraits. I really just love to create. As far as a style goes I couldn't pin point just one, it ranges from dark and gritty, to bright and colorful.

    I've been influenced by too many artists to count, but to name a few: Steve Mcniven, Darwyn Cooke, Paolo Rivera, Banksy, Mondo art, Gail Simone, and countless other painters and vector artists I forget.

    Since I've started my freelance career I've worked on a wide range of projects. From still life poses for a clients sports almanac, to portrait work and caricatures, to sequential pages and storyboards, to t-shirt designs and logo's.

    Click here to check out Jared's portfolio.