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    I’m an artist based in LA. Right now I’m a full time student at CSU Northridge, a highly active member of Gamma Rho Lambda Sorority, Epsilon chapter, and a freelance illustrator/graphic designer.

    I like to call myself a cartoonist, mostly in the sense that my style borders on the “cartoonish,’ my preferred drawing and coloring style very edgy and flat. In the past I’ve done traditional work and I hope to get back into it at some level. I’ve also been a muralist since high school and I hope to continue with that.

    Art bleeds into just about all of my interests. I’m a major cinephile, I love graphic novels, and I draw something just about every day. I also spend a lot of time writing.

    Currently, I’m working on a visual development portfolio as well as a smaller portfolio of traditionally animated work. When it comes to what I want to do with my art in future, I hope to be doing some kind of design work for animated projects, but I also want to write films and short films, graphic novels and regular novels alike.

    Click here to check out Jae's portfolio.