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    My name is Blaine Counter. I am a San Francisco, Bay Area native operating out of Oakland, CA. I am a multifaceted visual artist as well as a musician and music producer. I am glued to the nature and spirit of creativity. To me, creativity is the basis of all aspects of modern living; from kitchen appliances, the seat arrangements on public transportation, to the sleek design of a trashcan in a dining hall, everything comes from the application of creativity and energy, aka: Art. I approach all my subjects and mediums with that in mind.

    I got my bearings early. My mother is an artist and when I was young, she would be in the kitchen late at night with the lights dimmed very low, the soft ambient sounds of the Hearts of Space radio broadcast would play, and the smell and smokey trail of incense and sage would trace the air. I can see her now, sitting before an easel, her dark silhouette against the orange glow of a work lamp, her hand poised with a gentle grip on a brush, and the wet clinking sound of her cleaning it in a jar after each stroke. I would travel into the room, small and curious, probably politely tugging at her sleeve, and she would set paper and pens out on the floor, encouraging me to begin my own journey. This is where I first began my career in the Arts.

    When I was younger, my interest in animation ranged from the sweet and playful Disney movies  to the edgy and mutated worlds of Marvel Comics. I was constantly reading books, watching cartoons or movies, and practicing my own renditions of characters and superheroes. At a very young age, I was given a few books on anatomy and how to draw people - I used these tools to form the basis of my current skills. Most of my education of art and technique has been fulfilled independently. Even now, in my adult life, I can be found reading “how-to” books or watching tutorials on the internet. Improvement is my ambition! I am on a journey of refinement through and within the realm of fine art. Discovering or being introduced to new territories of form and expression keep my imagination fresh and inspired. It is the joy and satisfaction I feel in these discoveries that keeps me pushing on toward further creative expression and artistic refinement.

    My music and art are partnered, perhaps not directly, but perfectly indirectly. Through music, I can directly and instantaneously convey a message, a feeling, or a mood. I hear and see music as constantly morphing sonic structures - an audible architecture that, within a live setting, beckons to be transformed and shifted within the moment. The guitar is my primary instrument, though I do consider myself to be multi-instrumental. Being a musician as well as an electronic music composer, or producer, has enabled me to learn and experience music in a sort of hybrid form of organic and digital compound. I love crossing the boundaries, mixing the mediums, mashing them together and pulling them apart. Often, I apply the principles and theories I learn in music to my visual art and vice versa.

    I am a country boy living in the city.

    Though I was born in San Francisco, my heart has always yearned for something a little more calm, a little more green or blue. This yearning comes forward in my art. I am searching for, creating, and finding a sense of resolution - peace within chaos. I am always looking to get away or to be taken somewhere far from where I am, even if only for a moment. This is the feeling I like to translate to my audience in every medium. I want the viewer, the listener, the feeler to be transported to a distant world or area and to engage in a moment of empathy.

    Though I have many influences, it is very important to me to create and maintain originality. I believe that the great responsibility of the artist is to assist and push further the craft and its evolution. It is my duty, our duty, as artists to grow and to grow towards something progressive - a mutual benevolence to all art and artists before and after us. This involves collaboration, sharing information, and being unapologetically brave in our creative endeavors. If it is bold to stay in one place, then it is also bold to travel to a million places. As it is said in the world of abstraction, “It’s all subjective.”

    Click here to check out Blaine's Portfolio.

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    For custom artwork or inquiries please send Blaine a message here: blainecounter@gmail.com