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    Tower Threads is run by Hidden Tower Media, LLC, a California based company started by two brothers who are working on projects in gaming and media. We work with independent artists on our projects and we created Tower Threads as a way for artists to gain exposure and earn some income on the great work they have created. Tower Threads is a vehicle for artists to get their work out into the world and to promote their online portfolios, which may hopefully lead to further opportunities for our artists.

    We license artwork from our artists (they retain rights and control of their work) that is offered online on apparel and gear, and we pay our artists commissions that are higher than the industry average on both a per item and percentage basis. For example, our artists earn a commission of $3 for every shirt sold, compared to the industry average of about $1 per shirt sold. We pay these higher commissions because 1) we want to attract and retain talented artists, and 2) as the sons of an artist, we believe that artists should be paid well for their work. Additionally, unlike other sites, we offer our artists a 20% discount on our product line.

    We help each artist featured on Tower Threads to craft a detailed bio to provide information on their background, the projects they are currently working on, and what projects they are interested in working on in the future. As we are committed to helping our artists gain as much exposure as possible, we also provide a direct link on our site to their online portfolio. We do this so those who visit our site, and potential future employers or clients, can get direct access to the artist’s portfolio and get a better idea of the artist’s full body of work.

    We require our artists to have an online portfolio and a minimum of at least 5 works they can license. We have these requirements because this site focuses on promoting independent artists with portfolios who are committed to furthering their careers; and we drive this focus by providing our artists with dedicated site space, clear recognition, and open access to their portfolios. We typically work with illustrative artists who use digital mediums, and we welcome all artistic styles as our goal is to promote artistic diversity and offer a range of styles on our products.

    If you are an artist who might be interested in promoting your work on Tower Threads, please send us an email through the Contact Us page, or at towerthreads(at)gmail.com.

    Thank you for visiting our site, please take a look through the great artwork we offer from our talented artists. We hope you find something you like.