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    My name is Aaron Johnson. I'm a 20-something freelance illustrator/writer and music producer, and I've lived in various parts of California my whole life. I've got a mixed education background that includes private and homeschooling, and I'm currently taking college classes online. As an illustrator, the first “published” series I ever did was a one-shot origin story for a Star Wars fan group in 2009, and I've been illustrating for independent comic book publishers, advertisements, record labels, musicians, and RPG video game publishers ever since.

    My first love has always been the cartooning/sequential art genre of the animation industry. Video games, toys, film, and Asian culture in general have always been major influences in my life, and as you go through my portfolio you'll notice how all of these play into my work. Thanks to partnerships like Tower Threads I get the opportunity to share these creations with the world in a way I've never done before.

    I am essentially, a minimalist. My art style is influenced by basically everything from Bruce Timm to Vincent van Gogh to superflat artists like Murakami. Once I discovered sites like deviantart.com, the floodgates opened. I don't stick to rules, but I take apart everything and keep what works.

    Since I'm a music producer too, my musical tastes are just as broad but I make primarily instrumental music of the downtempo/trip hop variety. My musical style has been compared to acts like J Dilla, Bonobo, Quincy Jones, and Digable Planets, to name a few. Every now and then I need my rock and funk fix too so bands like Parliament/Funkadelic, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana and the Flaming Lips stay in rotation.

    My goal in the future is to keep doing what I'm doing, in a greater scale, whether it's illustrating for major publishers like DC comics, or producing/writing for top music acts around the world. I'm currently involved in several original multimedia projects. One of these is a series called "Edible Fighter", started with my brother. Beyond that, everything else is a secret!

    To listen to and download my music, visit my Bandcamp: Music | GODSON Official Music

    Please subscribe to my newsletter for a behind-the-scenes look of my work, exclusive downloads, merchandise, and more. Please also visit my SoundcloudYouTube, and Facebook pages for more information and content, and please contact me at mrrocket(at)roadrunner.com if you are interested in hiring me for commission work.

    Aaron also has a Youtube channel devoted solely to his artwork, check it out here.

    Click here to check out Aaron's portfolio, and check out the time-lapse videos below to see Aaron's creative process at work:

    Drawing Video 1

    Drawing Video 2

    Drawing Video 3